Why Vegan?

I have chosen not to consume meat, dairy, eggs, honey or any other animal derived products, because I love all animals. My life is filled with love and compassion for all sentient beings.

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After an incredible friendship of 10 years my best friend and my soulmate passed away.

It is almost impossible to put into words what Mouse meant to me. Little Mouse was not a human, she was a little poodle who was by my side every day. She taught me about love, caring, compassion, and friendship like no human could ever do… 

After she passed away I needed to do something that would celebrate who she was as a best friend and soul, so I planted a Granny in the Garden Rose in her memory. And as it was with Mouse, this little rose bush blooms and flowers and gives in abundance.

Little Mouse sent me gifts from the other side in the form of little white and grey feathers … they were everywhere. This is when I knew that she had arrived safely. She was no longer in pain. She was not tired anymore. She was happy and she was once again looking out for me!

Although I did not know it at the time … my vegan journey had already begun and my life would change in ways that I could never imagine.

Little Mouse was guiding me … and for the first time my eyes opened and I could see and understand and I made the connection between the food on my plate and the immense  cruelty behind the meat-, egg-, and dairy industries.

As I watched videos like H.O.P.E, Land of Hope and Glory, Earthlings and Dominion I could hear the animals screaming out for help and very few were listening. So I decided to answer their calls and began speaking for them with all my heart. 

Please listen to my message with an open mind. Please help me, help them. 

As a vegan all I want is peace.

Peace for humans, peace for animals and peace for the world.

Yours in love and light



Mamma Muisie

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