Huis, Paleis, Pondok, Varkhok




This is a very special image and very close to my heart. Every day 1000’s of people go past this property, some might have seen it, but did not care, because you see, these 4 houses (Huis, Paleis, Pondok, Varkhok) are right next to the N3-S highway, just before Heidelberg, Gauteng, so most people would be on their cell phones or thinking about dinner or worrying about work, meetings or bills…

I also drive past these houses on a daily basis and just could not keep my eyes off them. They were perfect for The Abandoned Collection – all I needed was a bit of interest in the sky.

After almost a year of patiently waiting and watching. I was driving around over weekends; sometimes early in the morning; sometimes late in the afternoon; sometimes during thunderstorms. But patience is always rewarded and one early Saturday morning everything was perfect: the mood was perfect; there was interest in the sky and the light was soft and inviting.

What is funny is that only 3 of the houses are included in the photo (Huis, Paleis, and Pondok).  In order to include the 4th house I had to either use a very wide angle or stitch a couple of images together – I did not like either option and decided to add the image to the collection as is.

– Fine art photographic print
– All prints are signed by George Fivaz
– All prints are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity
– Printed on heavyweight archival Hahnemühle Foto Rag Fine Art paper 308Gm
– Unframed
– Open Edition



  1. Susan Botha


  2. Hanri Smith

    Sureta von Holtzhausen

  3. Mike Bill Dewey

    Brilliant piece

  4. Mike Bill Dewey

    This is got to be a different George Fivaz.that i remember from the old days .?

    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography Gallery

      Yip. I am the nephew

    • Mike Bill Dewey

      Brilliant work. Many we more out of your lenses.& i have met the uncle many times .thanks

  5. Donni Smith

    Jeanette Viljoen kyk hierna! Asemrowend!

  6. George Fivaz Fine Art Photography Gallery

    Thank you! Thank you for all the beautiful compliments! You are all very special!!!!

  7. George Fivaz Fine Art Photography Gallery

    Baie baie dankie vir al die pragtige komplimente. Julle is baie special!!!

  8. Makkie Magda Blignaut

    Dit is nou ‘n nostalgiese, groot verlang skildery, vir al die verplante stadsjapies.

  9. Elmarie Lallie Bester Hendriks

    Maggies, maar dit is mooi.

  10. Rachel Van Zyl

    Pragtig, laat my terug verlang na die Langkloof se dae

  11. Kobus Barnard

    Baie mooi.

  12. Mattie Joubert


  13. Maggie Porter

    How beautiful

  14. Alice Rule

    Pragtig laat mens ver dink.

  15. Rina van der Westhuizen


  16. Louise Miles

    It looks like a painting…so beautiful.

  17. Rosalynd Warren

    Atmosphere de luxe. Wonderful pic.

  18. Katryn de Klerk

    Pragtige foto, bly daarna kyk.

  19. Sarie Viljoen


  20. Mariëtte Swanepoel Le Grange

    Hierdie foto het onmiddelik my aandag gehad en hou steeds my oe gevange…!!!
    Beslis ‘n BAIE besonderse foto, van jou bestes George✴Dankie dat jy dit met ons deel

    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography Gallery

      Baie dankie Mariëtte – dit is sommer lekker om weer van jou te hoor – hoop dit gaan goed. Dankie vir die mooi kompliment!!!!

    • Mariëtte Swanepoel Le Grange

      Gaan goed dankie George~Mooi aand vir julle…

  21. Lizette Erasmus


  22. Dirk Putter

    Sjoe dis awesome!

  23. Hetta Spies


  24. Daleen Jordt

    So pragtig!!

  25. Gypsy Swartz


  26. Yvonne Nolle


  27. Marcus Coetser


    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Thanks alot Marcus 🙂

  28. Lize Loubser


    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Thanks alot Lize 🙂

  29. Hester Drinkwater


    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Baie dankie Hester 🙂

  30. Sarah Clark

    Gorgeous !

    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Thanks alot Sarah 🙂

  31. Gwendoline Visagie

    Dis enige van sy soort. Stunning!

    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Baie dankie Gwendoline 🙂

  32. Mariette Hellmuth

    Sjoe dis mooi!!

    • Gwendoline Visagie

      Iets het my getrek om te kyk wie hierdie Mariette wese is, en is ek bly ek het gaan kyk! Jou werk is so baie mooi! Dit vuur my aan om weer myself te vermaak met kleur en verbeelding. So verskoon asseblief my voorbarigheid om te snuffel, maar dit was darem pret!

    • Mariette Hellmuth

      Ag hoe lekker om van jou sommer so te hoor, Gwendolene, jy is so welkom!! Baie dankie vir die kompliment en jip ek is ook vol inspirasie vir kleur, verf wn kwas!!

    • George Fivaz Fine Art Photography

      Baie dankie Mariette 🙂

  33. Shavha Rexx

    Huya fta uri hu dzule rong turn

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