A Fine Art Photographic Print Collection
One of my favourite memories is visiting my grandparents on their farm. The long drives with grandad were always lots of fun and naturally, gate duty was assigned to me.

Now these old farm gates do not open easily and sometimes it took a lot of effort to get them open and closed, but when you are young this is an adventure, you love every moment and you never think about the hard times.

As you get older life offers you lots of gates, some easy to open and some difficult, some easy to close and some difficult…

Since I started with the gates collection I’ve had so much fun reconnecting to my inner child. That happy child that had adventures, played outside, enjoyed life, talked to the farm animals, climbed trees and danced in the rain!

I am hoping that this collection will inspire you to look at things differently! Why not drive out of the city and go “ride” a gate? You might just enjoy it!

Some of the words that I repeat in my mind whilst photographing this collection: open, inviting, welcome, nature, endless road …