Cast in Stone

A Fine Art Photographic Print Collection

This is the quiet world of cast in stone. A world that lives and exists in silence. A world that sees without eyes. A world that hears without ears. A world where dreams, reality and fantasy and blended together. A world that silently watches us living our lives. A world that never judges but knows everything. A world that guards us. A world where we can be free.

Cast in Stone in an ongoing project and I will be adding new images from time to time. This is such a deeply personal project as I often visit old graveyards to try and find that perfect guardian to add to the collection. Sometimes I might spend a couple of hours just reading the messages from loved ones ~ walking away overwhelmed and not being able to take pictures for this collection …

Cast in Stone is a Limited Edition Print Collection and prints are limited to 50 copies. Limited Edtion Prints are available in Small (A3+), Medium (A2), Large (A1) and Bold Statement (A0). I have recently added an Open Edition Print which is my Gift Collection (A4). Gift Collection prints are shipped in a beautiful box, and your print is nestled between layers of tissue paper.


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