A Fine Art Photographic Print Collection
I don’t purposely go out and look for these subjects, rather they come to me, whilst doing my normal travels and my normal photography. I am always on the lookout for these subjects, but when finally come along, they are very special.
I simply adore old decaying architecture, cars, and graveyards and I love it when nature takes over human constructions as this creates a unique and unreal atmosphere.  The patterns and textures remind me that everything is impermanent. It puts in perspective our presence on earth and remind us that we are only passers-by. For me, it’s like traveling in time. Every place is special and has its own history.
The Abandoned collection is an ongoing project and I often travel around South Africa looking for abandoned buildings.
Artworks in this collection are Limited Edition Prints. Prints are limited to 50 copies of each, regardless of size. These are fully archival prints, signed by the Artist and a Certificate of Authenticity is issued with every purchase.
This portfolio of high quality limited edition photographic prints, signed by the artist, appeals to art collectors and interior decorators alike.

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