Hello, my name is George Fivaz. I was born and bred in the Free State in South Africa. We moved around a couple of times, but I lived in towns like Reitz, Warden, Ascent, Daniëlsrus, Kroonstad and Cornelia. I grew up in a normal family, doing normal things. We had the normal family get together’s, we had normal family holidays. I was the dedicated family holiday photographer. I had everything a normal boy had but there was something that I could never explain – I always had a yearning to express myself and that got me into trouble more than once. Over the years I had a couple of jobs, but none of them in the creative industry, but then I re-discovered my love for photography and that’s when I had my lightbulb moment.

I am not going to bore you with the details, but after doing commercial photography for about 2 years, I finally decided to break free from any photographic rules and restraints and I followed my heart.

I am a firm believer in using as few as possible and as simple as possible, equipment to get the job done. Photography is an Art and the positive outcome of any photograph depends more on the skill of the photographer, rather than on the quality and price of the bags and bags of cameras, lenses, filters and flashes.  

My work is determined by how I experience the world on a particular day and very much dictated by my emotions, feelings, and surrounds.

Some days I might feel light and on top of the world. On those days I create lovely landscapes and artistic shots of delicate flowers, and bunnies that hop around in green pastures.

Some days there is no light, and the world overwhelms and darkness descends and this is when I create darker works.

My work is inspired by beauty, and the light that shines inside that beauty. There is beauty all around us, you just have to be open to seeing and experiencing it.

There is always a light that shines, even the darkest hour!  My work is inspired by the Ying and Yang and the delicate balance of life. There is light inside every darkness and there is darkness inside every light. 

I see myself more painterly and artistic, using my camera as a paintbrush, rather than a photographer who follows stringent photographic rules. For me, photography is something that should be fun and it should be exciting, it should make me feel passionate about wanting to get up in the morning and it should also not want to go to bed at night because I am so excited to edit the photo’s that I just took.

Why create?

I want to share the beauty that I see and experience every day! Photography master, Ansel Adams said that photography is not just about taking an image. You bring to the art of photography your past, your bring all the books you’ve read, all the joys you’ve experienced, all the sadness you’ve experienced, you bring all your memories and all your emotions …

When your images tell a story, then you have succeeded in creating art and that memory will last forever.

When you see my images; and when you feel and understand my images, we are connected forever!

I create because the story inside me have to come out and I have to tell it to the world!!

I create because somewhere on a wall hangs a piece of me. Somewhere someone is walking into a room or office and smiling because they enjoy what they see and that makes me happy!

I am silence

I turned off the volume knob on life,

I pushed the off button,

I shut it down – all of it … I listened

… for the first time, I could hear and understand …



“For me, photography is something that should be fun and it should be exciting, it should make me feel passionate about wanting to get up in the morning and it should also not want to go to bed at night because I am so excited to edit the photo’s that I just took”

~ George Fivaz ~


Pragtige talent!! Ek onthou nog hoe jy as jong seun alles met jou kamera afgeneem het. Ons is trots om jou te ken en wens jou alle voorspoed toe vir die toekoms. Elsa Oosthuizen

Great work George

Jan Cronje


So mooi beskryf, trane rol oor my wange….

Irma Bruwer

I find your work very inspirational. You truly have the ‘eye’.

Ingrid Martini-Crous

Wise words George!!

Ria Snyman

It is a dark image – could appear for some to be depressing but gives me a sense of solitary peace . I love it – well done!

Inger Murrish

Daar’s tasbare stilte wat mens aanvoel in hierdie prag foto George… Lieflike foto~Dit het my sommer ook nou ‘down memory lane’ gevat!

Mariëtte Swanepoel Le Grange

Dankie George dit is pragtig en die woorde is soos ek baie keer voel!

Elizabeth Wessels

Inhale joy, happiness, serenity ….. Sooo BEAUTIFUL! ♥ Glad I could brighten your day!!! Keep up the good work! ★★★★★

Anette Nettie Johnson

No-one remembers the ordinary

Live Bold & Take a Stand

Say what you mean!

Be what you say!

Live Outspoken!

Wear whatever the hell you like!

Live untamed!

Follow your own compass!

Live Adventurous!

Take a Risk!

Reap the Rewards!

Live Daring!

Be Authentic!

Live with Soul!

Because how you live, says a lot about who you are!  


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