My Photography Story. A love that will never end.

My name is George Fivaz. I have been taking photographs my entire life, but then I had a lightbulb moment at the age of 35, where I rediscover my love and passion for photography and art. With this, I bought an entry-level DSLR camera and have been using it ever since. My camera has become my trusted friend and my travel companion and together we have many great adventures. We have been down to Cape Point and we have been in Africa and everywhere in between…

Because of my camera I have walked on mountains covered in fog, I have stood in fiery landscapes, I have experienced mother nature in all her wonder, I have looked into the eyes of living souls, I have experienced life and death, I have laughed,

I have cried, I have experienced joy and I have been overwhelmed and left in awe of the things that I have previously passed unnoticed.

When you love photography, it does not matter if you use a cellphone, a little point-and-shoot, an oldie or a state of the art machine gun. These are simply tools you would use to create masterpieces.  I have a wide pallet for photography because I am interested in so many things. Travel-, Street, People-, Landscape-, Still life-, Art Photography; really anything that catches my eye and ignites that fire inside my heart.

Because I constantly drink in the beauty all around us, I find that I am taking photographs with my eyes all the time. I see textures, shadows creeping, the subtle changes in light and the way it falls and embraces landscapes, faces, and buildings. I see a thousand hues of gold, blues, silver, and black. I am constantly aware of cloud formations and the beauty and power of mother nature.

I call myself a Fine Art Photographer, but I see myself more as an artist using my camera as a tool to start the creative process; rather than a photographer who is bound by, and who follows stringent photographic rules. I purposefully distance myself from the “mind-orientated” photographic community* because I believe my work to be more painterly than photographic. I love deeply saturated colours, overdramatic skies, textures, photo grains, black and white and silver tones. I love the underdog and I’d rather create images that speak loudly; than having an image that is technically perfect but lacks depth and soul!

Some of my work is inspired by the old masters, not following their pictorial ideas, but the idea that photography should come from the heart. When I am photographing, I bring all the stories I’ve read, all the experiences I’ve had and all the joy, passion and sadness that I have ever experienced into that photograph, our paths become intertwined and we become part of one another forever. I try to create images that people can stare at for a long long time because I then have I created something timeless and special, something that will stand the test of time, something that will still exist many years from now…

* It is sad that the photographic industry has turned photography into a game of settings, lenses, camera bodies, filters, and buttons.

I have fallen in love with the old processes, the darkroom, camera obscura, old printing processes like Salt Printing & Van Dyke Brown and wet plate photography. Instead of moving forward and playing the upgrade and “bigger is better game”, I am going back to the days when photography was simple.

When you visit my studio in Nigel or see my work in an Art Gallery or on show, take a bit of time to really look at, feel and experience my images. My images reflect a deep part of ourselves and because we live in a highly visual society, where images impact us emotionally.


It’s not easy to catch me in front of the camera…

Meet the kids: Mousie. Twakkie. Miss Piggy. Cindy. Frankenstein.

Random thoughts about life, happiness, food & all else.


I was born and bred in the Freestate, South Africa. Normal family. Normal childhood. Many boring jobs. Always loved photography. 


I’ve always lived inside the perfect little box that society had created for me!

I have always obeyed the rules and never questioned the boundaries!

My work depicted what society wanted and loved!

My clothing, hair and words were that of society … I desperately wanted to fit in, when …

… I was born to stand out!


At the age of 35, I re-discover my love and passion for photography and that’s when I had my lightbulb moment …


Joy, Enthusiasm, Energy, This Moment, Heart, Care, Passion, Wowing, Impact, Opportunity, Choosing to be Happy,  Making a Difference,  Smile, Ideas, Growing, Sharing,  Soul, …


One handwritten note can alter the course of someone’s day. Or life! 

Love is the antidote for fear.

When you fall asleep for the last time, you won’t wish you’d spend more time linking, tweeting and liking. You’ll wish you’d spend more time kissing, laughing and loving! 


Spend your life, doing strange things with weird people! 

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out!

Photography to me is not looking, it is feeling. If you can’t feel what you are looking at, then you are never going to let others feel anything when they look at your pictures!


My work is influenced by how I experience the world on a particular day. 

My feelings, emotions and surrounds determines what and how I create!


There is always a light that shines, even in the darkest hour!

My work is inspired by the Ying and Yang ~ the delicate balance of life. 

There is light inside every darkness and there is darkness inside every light. 


I can remember all my photographs. I can remember the day, the weather, what I felt like and what inspired me to take the photo. 


I believe in the power of love.

I believe in real butter and thick-cut bacon.

I believe that everyone and everything are fascinating – and that everybody has a story worth telling.

I believe in a former life, I was coffee!


I want to live in a world where meditation is taught in every school.

I want to live in a world where organic food is just as affordable as fast food.

I want to live in a world where the word normal is an insult.


Love yourself, even if you are working on changing yourself.

A good night’s sleep and a croissant can soak up a river of sorrow.

Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday! Let things go!

Love yourself right where you are!



I want to share the beauty that I see and experience every day!

Photography master, Ansel Adams said: “photography is not just about taking an image. You bring to the art of photography your past, all the books you’ve read, all the joys and sorrows you’ve experienced, you bring all your memories and all your emotions …”


When your images tell a story, then you have succeeded in creating art and that memory will last forever!

I create because the story inside me have to come out and I have to share it with the world!


When you see my images; and when you feel and understand my images, we become connected forever! 


To me, photography is a deeply personal experience.  

On some of my projects, I was overwhelmed and never completed the project ~ simply because I was confronted with the terrible reality of the cruelty of humankind…


I create because somewhere on a wall hangs a piece of my soul. Somewhere someone is walking into a room or office and smiling because they enjoy what they see and that makes me happy!


Photography is a love affair with life! 

The question is not what you look at, but what you see!

Only photograph what you love!

I don’t photograph what I see, I photograph what I feel! 

I am silence

I turned off the volume knob on life,

I pushed the off button,

I shut it down – all of it … I listened

… for the first time, I could hear and understand …

For me, photography is something that should be fun and it should be exciting! It should make me feel passionate about wanting to get up in the morning and I should also not want to go to bed at night because I am so excited to edit the photo’s that I just took!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wise words George!!

Ria Snyman

Daar’s tasbare stilte wat mens aanvoel in hierdie prag foto George… Lieflike foto~Dit het my sommer ook nou ‘down memory lane’ gevat!

Mariëtte Swanepoel Le Grange

Dankie George dit is pragtig en die woorde is soos ek baie keer voel!

Elizabeth Wessels

Pragtige talent!! Ek onthou nog hoe jy as jong seun alles met jou kamera afgeneem het. Ons is trots om jou te ken en wens jou alle voorspoed toe vir die toekoms. Elsa Oosthuizen

Great work George

Jan Cronje

So mooi beskryf, trane rol oor my wange….

Irma Bruwer

I find your work very inspirational. You truly have the ‘eye’.

Ingrid Martini-Crous

Inhale joy, happiness, serenity ….. Sooo BEAUTIFUL! ♥ Glad I could brighten your day!!! Keep up the good work! ★★★★★

Anette Nettie Johnson

It is a dark image – could appear for some to be depressing but gives me a sense of solitary peace . I love it – well done!

Inger Murrish

Inspiration & Ideas & Something to think about.

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Live Bold & take a stand!

Say what you mean!

Be what you say!

Live Outspoken!

Wear whatever the hell you like!

Live untamed!

Follow your own compass!

Live Adventurous!

Take a Risk!

Reap the Rewards!

Live Daring!

Be Authentic!

Live with Soul!

Because how you live, says a lot about who you are!