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"I want to return to the essence of what a beautiful photograph is. The idea of families looking at my pictures and sharing them with each other; there could not be a more beautiful and perfect way to celebrate photography"
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My name is George Fivaz and this is my story.

I was born and bred in the Free State in sunny South Africa. I have had many horrible jobs and I have lived in many beautiful places, but my heart always yearned to express my creative side, so one day I packed my bags and left my corporate career and started a home-based business with my best friend.

Today I am living my dream.

I love hiking,

I love animals, 

I love tattoos, 

I am obsessed with Animal Activism because I love being a happy vegan

I love passion more than anything else, 

I love adventures,

I love photo shoots, creativity, writing, I love to be inspired and I love to inspire!

I am a Fine Art Photographer, Writer, and Animal Activist. I love spending time in nature. You will often find me on top of a mountain or next to a little stream with a camera and tripod.

If you ask me on any given day what I want to be doing, the answer is: “Creating” – I don’t care if it’s a photograph or a piece of writing – I want to be creating!

What makes me tick? What makes me get up in the morning and go out and shoot more than anything else?

For me, it’s all about capturing the beauty and the light that shines inside that beauty. I love spending time in nature and around beautiful places and things – this makes me feel alive.

There is something so rewarding about going out on a photo shoot and being on location and doing something that’s a little bit out there to get the shot because that’s what makes it special and that’s how we create memories. So whenever I can am finding new locations and I am traveling to get to my shooting spots because that’s what’s making the experience for me, that’s what makes it a memory.

What inspires me?

For me, photography is something that should be fun and it should be exciting, it should make me feel passionate about wanting to get up in the morning and it should also not want to go to bed at night because I am so excited to edit the photo’s that I just took.

My work is inspired by all things beautiful whether it be still live, the fierce force of nature or a calm and serene day, anything that catches my eye and ignites the fire in my heart.

I do not follow the traditional rules of photography; rather I follow my heart and my intuition and allow my subjects to guide me. Whether it is a beautiful day in nature or whether my ideas come to life in my studio, they become part of my spirit and my story.

Every image that I’ve ever taken has got a special meaning. I can remember where I’ve taken all my images – I can remember what the weather was like – I can remember why I took the image – I can remember what inspired me – I just have to close my eyes and I am instantly transported…

Why do I create?

Photography master, Ansel Adams said that photography is not just about taking an image. You bring to the art of photography your past, you bring all the books you’ve read, all the joys you’ve experienced, all the sadness you’ve experienced, you bring all your memories and all your emotions …

I create because somewhere someone is walking into a room or office and smiling because they enjoy the art that I have created and that makes me happy.

I create to share some of my story and hope that they will touch your heart.

I am artist and photographer

I see myself more like an artist using my camera as a tool or paintbrush to start the creative process – rather than a photographer who follows stringent photographic rules.

 My work is more painterly than photographic – I love deeply saturated colors, dramatic skies, textures, grains, and black and white images.

Photography is a creative art and sadly the photographic industry has turned this process into a mind orientated game where settings, lenses, and camera bodies have become more important than expressing your creative self.

Silence is my friend

I turned off the volume knob on life,

I pushed the off button,

I shut it down – all of it … I listened

… for the first time, I could hear and understand …

Whether you just want to meet a crazy photography lover or learn something new, I want to welcome you into my world of fun and creative photography.

In love and light


Adventure is calling!

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