Welcome to the George Fivaz Fine Art Photography Gallery

The gallery is situated in a small town called, Nigel in South Africa. George opened the gallery in 2016 as a celebration of his love for photography and art. (Learn more about the photographer and artist >>>)

The images and collections on display consist of a unique selection of social documentary, landscape, and abstract prints as well as a number of mixed media works, and although primarily dedicated to showcase George’s own artwork, the gallery will soon also exhibit a number of other exciting fine art photographers, mixed media artists, and digital artists. (Learn more about the Art Gallery >>>)

George’s fine art prints offer an excellent opportunity to imbue the spirit of Africa into the home, office, healthcare, and hospitality environment. The gallery provides unique artworks that will not be found anywhere else, adding a special ambience to decorating projects. Our art collection ranges from abstract and graphic patterns in nature to intimate, calming, peaceful scenes to grand, inspiring landscapes. (Click here to view the art collections >>>)

As an added service to art consultants and interior designers, we will work closely with you to match colors, coordinate themes and size prints for your specific needs. (Click here to view the services the art gallery offers >>>)

We are committed to exhibiting high-quality imagery and focused on outstanding customer service which will ensure that the gallery goes from strength to strength. Prints and frames are available for shipping worldwide.

The Abandoned collection

I don’t purposely go out and look for these subjects, rather the subjects come to me. So in my normal travels doing my normal photography, I am always on the lookout for these subjects. When do finally come along, they are very special. Read more >>

Prints on display

These are just some of the prints that are currently on display in the gallery.


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