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George’s fine art prints offer an excellent opportunity to imbue the spirit Africa into the home, office, healthcare, and hospitality environment. The gallery provides unique artworks that will not be found anywhere else, adding a special ambience to your projects.

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“My work is more painterly than photographic. I do not follow photographic rules and allow my subject and intuition to guide me. For me, photography is something that should be fun and it should be exciting, it should make me feel passionate about wanting to get up in the morning and it should also not want to go to bed at night because I am so excited to edit the photo’s that I just took” ~ George Fivaz

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This is the home and heart to everything I do, a place where I bring together my most loved objects for the home and business. Where my limited edition photographic prints, Stories (Open Edition Prints) and Gift Certificates are available.

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Why not get to know me a little better through my latest blog editorial. Explore my travel diaries and come with me. It could be near or it could be far flung, either way, it’s bound to be exciting.


George Fivaz

Welcome to my world. It’s a whirl of inspiration and a journey through imagery… all here, all captured & lived by me. I was thinking recently: “What makes me tick? What makes me get up in the morning and go out and shoot more than anything else?” … and for me it’s all about capturing beauty and the light that shines inside that beauty. I love spending time in nature and around beautiful places and things – this makes me feel alive!

the abandoned fine art collection

The Abandoned

I don’t purposely go out and look for these subjects, rather the subjects come to me. So in my normal travels doing my normal photography, I am always on the lookout for these subjects. When do finally come along, they are very special.

No-one remembers the ordinary

Life Bold & Take a Stand

Say what you mean! Be what you say! Life Outspoken! Wear whatever the hell you like! Life untamed! Follow your own compass! Life Adventurous! Take a Risk! Reap the Rewards! Live Daring! Be Authentic! Life with Soul! Because how you life, says a lot about who you are!  

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